About us

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How did we actually come up with the idea of establishing our own watch brand? Our time being on this planet is very limited and so we thought it is now or never. That’s also how we came up with our slogan: “Time is YOURS!” It represents the fact that we only do have one live, one chance to fulfill our dreams and that is now.

Further the Swiss watch industry is facing challenging times. Many of the big brands spent millions and millions in marketing, flag stores and fancy designs while prices were rising sky high during the period of record sales. And not only a few are now facing the downside of the medal as sales numbers are stagnating or even decrease.  That is where Zahnd & Kormann is stepping in. Zahnd & Kormann is a young and independent watch brand based in Bern, the capital of Switzerland, offering you high quality Swiss Made watches for accessible prices!

Combining classical elements, a modern and contemporary design with the advantages of the internet and concepts like Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing we are aiming to change the way how Swiss Made watches are sold nowadays. Swiss Made does not have to be super expensive. Our prices are not defined by a marketing budget or other costs such as infrastructure or salaries.

And success has proved us right: From the beginning of April until mid May 2017 we have sold over 200 watches through our homepage and the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter – Do not hesitate and become a part of a success story today.

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We, Florian Kormann, 34 j., and I, Roger Zahnd, 33 j., are two friends from Switzerland and we live in the beautiful cities of Bern and Thun. We both have studied economics and the two of us combines, in addition to a more then 15 years of friendship, a common goal: To use our time given. Time is YOURS!

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Why did we use the concept of crowdfunding to finance our project. Well, the answer is simple: As we are a small and independent company, we just can’t afford it to pre-finance 300 watches (minimum production quantity). It is important for us that you understand that we are not going for one fast money making project! We would like to establish a solid and sustainable Swiss Made, Swiss based watch brand which is only focusing on your needs! But to get there the concept of crowdfunding offers us and also you unique opportunities in regards of letting you participate on the design and also the pricing.

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