Zahnd & Kormann Automatic Watches

Zahnd & Kormann automatic watches

The Zahnd & Kormann (Z&K) watch brand was founded in 2016 by Roger Zahnd & Florian Kormann in Bern, Switzerland, in the awareness that nothing in this world is more valuable and at the same time more transient than time. That is why we only use high-quality Swiss movements for our automatic watches. In addition, all our models are produced in limited editions and manufactured according to the Swiss Made rules. For some, the Z&K automatic watches are the perfect introduction to the world of mechanical watches, for others they are the ideal addition to the existing collection.

Time is Yours

Roger & Florian

Newest Watch Projects

The CF Racing Chronograph

Only 30 watches and one target. The financing of the next racing season.

With the launch of the CF Chronograph, Cédric Freiburghaus goes its own way.

With the purchase of a CF Chronograph you bring him closer to his goal. And the best thing is: in return you will receive one of only 30 numbered Swiss Made Automatic watches.

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KeKo – Keen’n’Kool

Individual lifestyle needs individual watches.

KeKo is passionate, elegant, confident and cool – just like you! KeKo are not just watches, they are a statement, an expression of your character and no outfit is complete without a KeKo watch.

KeKo – Everything else is just an accessory

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Guaranteed Reliability

Swiss Made

Swiss design. Swiss brand. Swiss movements. From assembly and functional checks to packaging the watches – everything takes place under one roof in the heart of Switzerland.


All our Swiss Made automatic watches are only procuded on demand and all watches are individually numbered making each piece unique. Don’t miss your chance. Time is YOURS!

Built to last Forever

With a water resistance up to 600 meters depth, it’s titanium case and bracelet, it’s sapphire crystal front and back and a 120 clicks ceramic bezel, the ZK No.2 Chronometer won’t let you down.


What our customers say

J. Blaser, Switzerland

” I was convinced in a blink of an eye, just because of the quality and great price-effort comparison these guys are delivering with this watch.”

S. Von Allmen, Switzerland

“I already have a ZK No.1 at home and what the guys from Zahnd & Kormann deliver with the ZK No. 2 is another huge step forward, the quality, the movement, the design all persuades me and I just can’t wait to get mine.”

R. Baggs, UK, Photographer

It’s a beautiful watch to work on, I hope I get to again soon.

J. Staubli, Switzerland

Bravo pour ce projet, je me réjouis de recevoir cette magnifique montre.

F.C., Australia

…Great product design, passion & innovation.


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